Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A brief history of my time

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.
---Steve Jobs

o far in my business adventures I've managed to heed this advice. My hunger is not for the money...I've learned that.....in fact, I don't know what will satiate my hunger or even where to look for it. Part of me hopes I never learn.

I was an entrepreneur long before I knew what that meant. Stereotypical lemonade stands and middle school candy empire always seemed like just ways to make money. Money that I'd stash away and never spend. I didn't really want the money, I just wanted to make money. I can't count how many different ways I've made money. The one certainty is that once I started making money, I got bored. My sense of achievement was based on the ability to make money in that particular fashion, nothing more.

I've created a few interesting stories in my short 27 years around here. At least they're interesting to me. As I post new experiences I'll probably relate some to past stories.......starting, growing, and selling businesses; selling everything and moving to Spain to start a business; failed partnerships; failed businesses; and never losing that hunger. Always supremely confident that my homerun has been in the cards all along.

One thing for sure is that I keep hopping on bigger and bigger rollercoasters. I hope to record my lessons in business and the life of business in this blog so that I may remember them for future encounters. And maybe you will learn a thing or two to avoid in your adventures.