Friday, February 20, 2009

The Spiralizer!

If anyone has followed my tweets (@masonarnold) you probably know that I just finished a cleanse (the Love Cleanse by Kim Love...whose birthday is actually Feb 14th, no lie!). While on this cleanse we spent a lot of time at the Whole Foods raw bar. We had several days of a very restricted, raw diet. We graze on our share of foliage at home, but we hadn't ventured far into raw main dishes (aside from salad) or dehydrated stuff. Our favorite dish at WF was the Pumpkinseed pesto over Zucchini pasta. Zucchini pasta rocked! We saw them make it and instantly fell in love with the device.

We started dreaming of all the glorious dishes we could make with it, so that night we ordered one at (Buy the Spiralizer here). They're not paying me, but they should. Mylie graciously prepped some veggies for me to obliterate with this awesome tool. I'm a pretty good prep cook for her, though in the kitchen I'm one of those employees that you have to tell what to do constantly. And at any moment of inactivity I just might disappear into another room to email or make a call. So she keeps me busy. First up was carrots and then kohlrabi and beets (all from Greenling, of course). You can spiralize just about anything! Mylie nixed my tomato idea, though.

It creates this small core in the middle and you end up with a disk at the end. I think it's to keep it from flying off the spiralizer, but I'm not totally sure. I knew Mylie would get a kick out of em, so I lined up the little towel rods on the counter after each spiralled masterpiece. She loved them so much they became garnishment for our salad and I gotta say, it worked. The most festive salad I'd ever had resulted. I felt like putting on some Kool & The Gang. Tomorrow we'll venture into the world of veggie pasta.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remember those ridiculous yellow page books from December?

Luckily, we can shred them and use them at Greenling as packing materials. Otherwise I really would have mourned the trees who gave their life for such an arcane exercise.

I'm not sure this will really help...It may be hard to get them to pay attention. But, you can certainly try to opt out and if we all do it, they'll have to stop. Here's where:

So, tell them to stop sending you the Yellow Pages! Those directories are still a $13 Billion dollar industry in the US, but I'm sure it's fading. We don't support them at Greenling. There are much more green ways to advertise. If everyone stopped advertising in them, they'd go away and the 540 million of them that are printed would still be trees instead of door stops or wasted space.

Seriously, folks, Google even works on dial-up out in the country. Unless you live somewhere that flat out does not have internet, there's just no need for the Yellow Pages anymore. At all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009