Sunday, December 06, 2009

Give Thanks For Organics

Say No to GMOs

Right now, the only way to completely avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is to buy Organic. We're working with our local vendors who aren't yet certified to ensure all their ingredients are GMO-free. That's actually quite a task considering 90% of non-organic corn and 80% of non-organic soy is genetically modified. What's wrong with GMOs you may ask? Tons! So much I'm going to do a whole series on them. First I want to highlight that The Future of Food is available on Hulu!

Take a little time and watch this one. It's primarily about the politics of GMOs and what Monsanto's really up to (they are not Sustainable Ag as their ads claim). Here's a review of the movie if you're on the fence. Also, here's a document to help you understand more about GMOs, where they're found, and how to avoid them. The doc says 60% of corn, but at a recent conference I heard the number was up to 90%. Next time I'll share all the latest research linking GMOs to allergies, digestive disorders, and so much more.