Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remember those ridiculous yellow page books from December?

Luckily, we can shred them and use them at Greenling as packing materials. Otherwise I really would have mourned the trees who gave their life for such an arcane exercise.

I'm not sure this will really help...It may be hard to get them to pay attention. But, you can certainly try to opt out and if we all do it, they'll have to stop. Here's where:

So, tell them to stop sending you the Yellow Pages! Those directories are still a $13 Billion dollar industry in the US, but I'm sure it's fading. We don't support them at Greenling. There are much more green ways to advertise. If everyone stopped advertising in them, they'd go away and the 540 million of them that are printed would still be trees instead of door stops or wasted space.

Seriously, folks, Google even works on dial-up out in the country. Unless you live somewhere that flat out does not have internet, there's just no need for the Yellow Pages anymore. At all.

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Derek Smith said...

Its funny because I just received another set of phone books (by set, i mean that there were three different books inside the bag)the other day. I just got done recycling the set of phone books from a different supplier a couple months ago. I used to use my phone books for kindling when i had a fire pit, but now i live in an apartment.

Had i know we could have used them at Greenling, then i would not have recycled them (i trust that the trash guys don't just dump all the bins into each other at the end of the day).

My point of this comment is that my girlfriend, Andi, and I were just talking about how to get the phone companies to STOP SENDING US PHONE BOOKS! I have not used one in years. If people still need them, then they should have to sign up for them. Not just hand them out willy nilly. What a waste of natural resources.