Monday, August 27, 2007

Google Alerts

I have set up google alerts to send me any new info published to the web for certain key words. I of course have my name set up and I also have alerts for several company-related topics - "organic food" "organic delivery" "greenling" and "terminator technology." The last one I follow primarily because I think it's just so scary. Anyways, I learn some very interesting things reading all the new articles on these topics. One hilarious website informed us that there's going to be a movie out next year with some little green men called Greenlings. Here's that link -
Luckily we have trademark on "Greenling" so I don't have to worry about a movie studio coming after me.....also being in completely different industries helps. Another interesting link is a fairly new website - Seems to have some good tips and articles on organics.

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Heather said...

Hi Mason :)

My spouse & I have been greenling supporters for a few years now and we *love* the service and look forward each week to our local box (we try to be locavorians as much as possible, getting our veggies mainly from greenling & our meat & dairy from white egret), keep up the great service & thanks!