Monday, December 31, 2007

Simple way to help clean Texas' air , or 1-800-453-SMOG

TCEQ website where you can report vehicles that are not functioning properly and are smoking either from the engine or tailpipe.

All they really do is send a letter to the vehicle owner asking them to fix it, but often that's all that's needed. A little peer pressure.

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Heather G said...

Another way to help Texas air:

Go car free.

My spouse & I have been car free for almost a year now and loving it! We are moving to a new home this week and it's a half mile from a bus line that will take us all over Austin. There are a few grocery stores within biking distance for us too-- but nothing that offers much in the way of local organic produce.

Our solution to this (and it's a very important one since we are both locavorians) is : Greenling.

After the move Greenling will become the source for almost all our groceries (except the groceries we'll be getting from our garden).

We've been with Greenling from its beginning and we love our local box, so we are looking forward to the change very much.