Thursday, February 28, 2008

Degree on experience

Someone called my cell phone (thought they couldn't do that) asking if I was interested in obtaining a degree based on my life experience. I was so excited, of course I'm interested! Who wouldn't be?

So she asks me to tell me a little about my background and I interrupt her. I already know what degree I want - "that's great" she said, "what field are you interested in?" "Well, I think I'm an expert in Chocolate Chip cookies and would like a degree in them."
"Sir, you can't get a degree in cookies."
"Why not? Hear me out. I'm very much a connoisseur and could tell you more about the subtle differences between cookie recipes than most people around. I've eaten them my entire life and in most cases can tell you if they "Sir, we can't give you a degree in cookies. goodbye."

Rather rude, I would say. Especially since I think it's a valid request. If I don't qualify for one in cookies, I was also thinking of obtaining one in Hair Shampooing. I've been doing that a long time, too. While I'm not nearly as interested in it as Chocolate Chip cookies, just my long years of experience with it should earn me a degree. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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