Friday, June 20, 2008

Fairy-tale living

Can you imagine a world where everywhere you go people smile at you? And not fake smiles but genuine smiles?

That's the life for whoever's behind the wheel of the bananamobile. It's truly amazing. And with so many people smiling at you, you can't help but smile back (unless you're sick, tired, and achy...then, and only then, I've learned you can stay solemn in the face of so many smiles).

And you don't just get smiles, you get all sorts of interaction. People honk and wave....point, laugh (with us, not at us), and take pictures. Several times I've walked out to the bananamobile from some store and there are people gathered around it taking a group picture under the 5' banana.

Kids go crazy for it. They chase after it like it's an ice-cream truck or something. It can be a little awkward...."Sorry kids, you can't actually eat the banana and I don't happen to have any..." I find myself hoping the light turns green before they catch up to me so I don't have to let them down.

So, if you ever see someone driving down the road in a prius with a 5' banana on top and a huge smile on their face, now you know the real reason why.

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