Friday, July 11, 2008

Where does your food come from?

Is it just me or does it feel like the rising cost of energy is going to have a dramatic affect on our food system? We can already see it in rising prices, which make people ask questions, which makes them more aware of their food. Why do Organic apples suddenly cost $5/lb? Well, it's because Spring/Summer they come from New Zealand. That's a long way to travel...racking up food miles which are getting more expensive by the day. They're certainly still healthier and more nutritious than their conventional counterparts, but maybe the year-round apple buyers might start looking to other...maybe seasonal...fruit? Most people just wouldn't even think about it without something like this to highlight where the food comes from.

Have you ever asked your waiter in a restaurant where your dinner comes from? I'm doing it much more often. We know most of them don't know. But they often offer to ask their manager. 'Sure' I say. 'It's not a big deal, but if YOU want to ask your manager, I'd love to know.' They go ask their manager who also doesn't know....'our food distributor?' But you know what just happened? 2 people who otherwise wouldn't even think about that suddenly did. And if anyone around my table heard that conversation, they might think about it too. Start asking anyone who serves you food where it comes from! Not in a condescending way and don't refuse food if they don't know. Just start asking. It could change the world.

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Dylan said...

I'm struggling with buying fruit and veggies at the right time. If I lived in Austin I'd be all over Greenling of course. But you're right, it feels weird and inconsistent to try hard to by local and organic and then go to a restaurant and totally throw all that out the window. However, I don't see many menu's with this sort of info or restaurants making an effort. So I should ask? I should. Though I feel kind of shy about it. I don't know why.