Saturday, October 18, 2008

Renewable Round-Up Notes

Here are the materials I passed out at my speech at the Renewable Round-up in Fredericksburg:

Here are some tips compiled by our Fearless Forager, Elizabeth, on eating for sustainability:
10 Ways to Eat for Sustainability

• Eat real food, mostly plants, with a small amount of meat as an accent rather than the main ingredient (Michael Pollan)
• Cheap processed food doesn’t reflect its true cost. Plan ahead to avoid them
• Re-define the way food is valued and fit into the household economy
• Spend money on wholesome foods, not supplements
• Cook from ingredients rather than recipes (See recipe section of
• Read blogs and the internet for ideas to use what you have and what’s in season
• Ask questions about where your food comes from, everywhere you eat
• Know the farmer who produced it or have a surrogate (like Greenling) to know the farmer for you
• Learn to stop thinking of out-of-season items as everyday necessities or staples
• Learn seasons ahead of time so you can plan for their bounty
• Learn to preserve and save leftovers to be incorporated into other dishes/meals to eliminate waste
• Can or freeze fruits and vegetables in season. Make your own stock and sauces
• The more diverse your diet is, the healthier and happier you will be
• Try new things rather than relying on a few standard ingredients
• Appreciate food for flavor and slow down to enjoy it
• Stop judging produce by its shape, size, and color (some delicious local produce wouldn't win a beauty contest)
• Learn to cook, appreciate, and enjoy lesser-known foods that are in season
• Don’t be afraid to make stuff up! If it tastes good, you just discovered a new recipe.
• Cook and eat with friends and family. We all know that food can sometimes be a great pleasure…why shouldn’t it always?
• Join discussion groups and list-serves to collaborate on ideas

Here are some links to stories I mentioned during my speech:

Cuba’s advanced food infrastructure -
Vancouver, BC model of sustainability -
California building solar fields -
Entire Oregon community off the grid -
Eco-rig to provide power & food to Japan -
Development of kerosene-based aviation fuel derived from algae -
Thin-film Solar energy information -
Solar cells produced in pizza oven -
No remaining scientific body of national or international standing is known to reject the basic findings of human influence on climate change (the debate is over) –

Sustainable Agriculture
USDA info on the Economics of food -
Brazil’s Food Security Program
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs –

Benefits of Organics
USDA National Organic Program –
Federal Organic Research funding increased in Farm Bill –
Organic Farm Research Foundation –
Organic Research Center news links – - Everything environment - Pesticide news & research
Kids affected the most by pesticides –
Environmental Working Group produce study (origin of “The Dirty Dozen”) –
Study linking pesticides to autism –
Organic farming builds soil health –
Organic farming produces equivalent crop yields with less energy & no pesticides –
Organic milk and meat enhance breast milk nutrition –
Organic fruits & vegetables have higher nutrition –
Myers, A. Organic Futures. 2005
Schuphan, W., “Nutritional Value of Crops as Influenced by Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer Treatments: Results of 12 Years’ Experiments with Vegetables (1960-1972)” – Qualitas Pantarum – Plant Foods for Human Nutrition
Meadows, Donella. “Our Food, Our Future.” – Organic Gardening, September/October 2000

Benefits of Local
Locavore the word of the year –
Oil consumption of conventional agriculture –
Kinsolver, B. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life. Harper. 2007.
1800 Food-mile average for produce in store –
Organic food can still be junk when processed –
Benefits of grass-fed meat –
Success of urban farms –
Organic meat regulations still have loopholes – know your producer –
Some Benefits and Drawbacks of Local Food Systems –

How to Eat and Shop Local and Organic
People spending more money on wholesome food –
Cheap food isn’t really cheap –
Missouri parents push for organic school lunches –
Wisconsin Homegrown Lunch Project –
Texas Farm to School Program –
Greenling Organic Delivery –
LocalHarvest –
AcresUSA –
Edible Austin –

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